4 thoughts on “This Penn Believes

  1. I have been wanting to ask this for a while now, but I couldn’t think how to put it politely. I decided to ask anyway.

    I find it strange that you claim yourself an atheist but then jump in defense of a religious way of life that is as irrational as any other. I would like to understand why you and others (the World) have this obsession with Zionism but condemn other religions.


  2. I’m not sure what you mean, exactly.

    I don’t advocate a religious way of life. But, I do recognize some valuable (and some destructive) aspects of some of them.

    I don’t think I have an obsession with Zionism. I haven’t moved to Israel, and don’t intend to. But, I do recognize the right of jewish settlers to establish and defend their nation. I don’t think it’s wise to enshrine orthodox Judaism into law, and I oppose such efforts within Israel.

    I admit that my worldview is significantly affected by the plight of the jews historically, and the Holocaust in particular. I think there is something profound about the evil of anti-semitism, and it’s still strong. I do see black and white in these conflicts. I see Israel as representing the values of human progress, and its opponents as representing the opposite values.

    I know which side I’m on.



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