God, No!

Late last year, I bought Penn Jillette’s God, No! book. I brought it on my vacation to Vegas, and had both Penn & Teller sign it for me after one of their shows. Unfortunately, I’d only read a bit of it by then, and my wife thought it would be a bad idea to mar that signed edition after that.

But, fortunately, she also gave me a three-book trial gift subscription to Audible.com, and I picked that book as my first one. I’m glad I did.

The book is really a series of personal anecdotes (built around the idea of an Atheist Ten Commandments), and hearing Penn read it in his own voice, with the intended emphasis, really adds a dimension to it that makes it much better than merely reading it yourself. I got a real kick out of the book. Penn is great; and he’s much more thoughtful and intellectually humble than the impression many have of him.

So, you should get it (in the audible form if possible). Be warned that it’s probably not for the easily offended (he talks about going to a San Francisco bath house in the 80’s, having sex underwater, losing his parents, etc.)