How People React To Their Lying President

Of course, many of us were well aware that the President had no factual basis for his claims that people could keep their health insurance plans after Obamacare would take effect. But, now that the truth is becoming starkly evident, it’s interesting to watch how people react to the reality that he was knowingly, blatantly, lying to them.

Some are honestly surprised and offended, but most supporters are still twisting themselves into ethical knots trying to minimize and justify the deception.

As the Rube-Goldberg scheme continues to unravel, it will be interesting to see how people will react in the face of further and further evidence that this was always a stupid plan and will make the world worse for far more people than it helps. Many people will come to accept the truth, but many others will cling tenaciously to their romantic vision of the state as a hyper-competent problem solver. I wonder how long it will take for the balance to shift enough to try to recover from the blunder. The sooner the better.

If it wouldn’t do so much damage to the health care market, it might even have been worth it for the important lesson and the pure spectacle of it.

But, it isn’t worth it.