Google Plus

So, I’ve been checking out Google Plus for the past couple of weeks and so far I think it’s very promising. It’s still in beta, but I think they’re going to make it a compelling platform for sharing and socializing that will prove challenging to both Facebook and Twitter. The +1 buttons I’ve added beneath each post is the Google Plus version of the Facebook “Like” button.

If you’re on it, and you want to see some things I might decide to share and not bother posting here, feel free to circle me.

Hooray for Bollywood

The latest Reason Magazine has another article by Shikha Dalmia (no link available yet) repeating the arguments she has made here,
and in this video, that Bollywood movies have a better chance of influencing the Muslim world away from radical Islam and toward modernity and tolerance than either the hard power of military interventions, or the softer power of american cultural exports.

Her arguments (that people are more readily adopting norms presented by products that bridge the cultural divide rather than the vastly different western products or the invasive imperialism-tainted pressure of militaries) seem plausible to me.

I welcome progress; whatever the source.