Give Ron Paul Some Love

So, Ron Paul basically won the Iowa Straw Poll (virtually tying with Michele Bachmann), and most of the media ignored him completely. Kudos to Jon Stewart for calling them out with this great bit.

Ironically, now Ron Paul is getting press about how he wasn’t getting any press. I guess that’s better than nothing.

Nick Gillespie at wrote a nice summary post that included a good video segment with Mike Riggs discussing the issue.

I don’t think there’s a huge conspiracy. I just think that the Republican party leadership definitely doesn’t want him to get the nomination, and they’re the ones that the media are listening to when deciding how to cover the candidates and who to expect to have a real chance. Most of the media don’t really understand a candidate who challenges the big government status quo and proposes eliminating programs they’re used to, rather than adding new ones.

But, Ron Paul has been a strong advocate of individual liberty and limited government for his entire career. He’s been a voice in the wilderness, consistently taking principled stands. I don’t agree with all of his positions (like immigration restrictions, and opposition to trade agreements because they’re imperfect) but his ideas have been gaining in popularity and command the attention (and lip-service, at least) of many of the other candidates.

Whether or not he ends up being the candidate, he’s helped to bring important ideas to the center of public debate, and he deserves our respect.

Enjoy his campaign video: