Decisions, Decisions

I’m in the happy situation of being close to finishing two great books. And, I have to decide which of them to continue with next.

One of them is Steven Pinker’s The Better Angels of Our Nature: Why Violence Has Declined which I am enjoying immensely. It’s fascinating, enlightening, and even funny on occasion. Anyone who wants a better understanding of the world, and the best theories about why important trends are happening, should definitely check it out.

The other is Neal Stephenson’s Reamde, which is also fascinating, somewhat enlightening, and in some ways more fun and exciting; but, very differently. Anyone who likes Stephenson’s books, and may have thought some of them were too slow and devoid of action, should definitely check it out.

Actually, all smart people should read them both.

Before anyone else calls me one, I’ve already considered the similarity of my situation to that of Buridan’s Ass.

It’s not very common for me to read books in parallel. I think it’s happening now because they are in different media formats, and I make progress on them under different circumstances. The Pinker book is on my Kindle, and I’m listening to the version of Reamde.

I only wish all of my problems were as pleasant.