Happy New Year

I often think it’s strange that we let calendars have a huge impact on when we choose to reflect and anticipate things. Why New Years and not other times? Why should the fact that the year number is a multiple of ten make us review and anticipate over longer ranges?

But, then I think: “Why not?” We often get so bogged down in the details of daily life that we lose perspective and fail to examine what’s happened or plan for the future as much as we should. So, the changing of the year, and the decade, seems like as good an excuse as any to trigger this healthy behavior. And, if a shared calendar helps us coordinate these efforts and generate better answers, so much the better.

I know that 2009 was a difficult year for many. But, I’m still optimistic for the long term. And, I have a new nephew!

I have little confidence in governments to solve problems, but I have a lot of confidence in lots of people sharing ideas and experience to do so.

So, while I have no idea what 2010 will bring us, I still think things will continue to get better and better (with occasional setbacks).

Have a great year.