Damned Lawyers!

This story is pretty annoying.

A coalition of lawyers who have actively and successfully sued tobacco companies says it is close to filing a class-action lawsuit against soft-drink makers for selling sugared sodas in schools. The lawyers, who have been trying to develop a case against the soft-drink makers for more than two years, say a lawsuit could be filed within the next few weeks, probably in Massachusetts, which has one of the nation’s most plaintiff-friendly consumer-protection laws.

And this bit was pretty interesting:

Daynard said that while the legal theory is ready, the challenge is finding the right set of parents to sign on as plaintiffs for the class-action case. “It’s taking us longer than we expected,” he said.

The theory behind this suit is that soda machines in schools are are “attractive nuisance(s)” because “a soda machine is demonstrated to be a dangerous object for kids.”

Not as dangerous as these lawyers!


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