Sooner Or Later

I read an interesting point today about how different groups seem to take opposite approaches with respect to the Social Security Reform issue and the Global Warming issue.

Those who generally oppose restrictions on economic liberty (like me) tend to think that there’s a looming crisis for Social Security and the sooner it is reformed the better; but the Global Warming issue is probably not a real crisis that warrants drastic changes, and we can deal with any potential problems better later. Those who tend to support economic restrictions take exactly the opposite positions.

Some may say that this shows how we are all a bit dishonest when it comes to evaluating the dangers of potential problems, and the urgency of addressing them immediately, depending on how the “problem” fits into our world view; and I suppose we are to some extent.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that it’s not the case that one side is correct on both of these issues. And, of course, I think that the anti-economic-restrictions side is the correct one.

I may be wrong (but I’m not).


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