Johnny Carson, RIP

I will always have fond memories of Johnny Carson.

I remember how great it was to stay up late, as a kid, to watch the Tonight Show. He was funny and charming.

I remember many jokes from the Tonight Show, but two that stand out in my mind are:

When doing Carnac The Magnificent (a psychic) he would hold an envelope to his head, say an answer, and then open the envelope to read the question. The one I remember is when the answer was “Catch-22” and the question was “What would the Dodgers do if you hit them 100 pop flies.”

I also remember, when Jaws was first released and many people were frightened of swimming in the ocean, he gave some tips to avoid shark attacks two of which were: “Don’t leave Kansas City” and “Use the buddy system. If a shark attacks, give him your buddy!”

I like Jay Leno, too (I saw him perform in Vegas earlier this month), but Johnny had a different kind of charm and wit that was very special.


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