Arafat’s Condition

David Carr at Samizdata broke the news the right way:

Reports from Paris indicate that there has been a marked improvement in the condition of Yasser Arafat.

He’s dead.

And, Max Boot has some thoughtful comments about Arafat and his enablers as well.

I remember touring Israel as a teenager. There were numerous stops at memorials where innocent people had been murdered by the PLO (including at least one busload of schoolchildren) acting upon the orders of Arafat. I also remember the murders of the athletes at the Munich Olympics in 1972.

Arafat was human garbage.

I feel as if the world is significantly cleaner now that he’s dead.

UPDATE: Solomonia has a good roundup of web reactions (Hat Tip: The World). Please do spend a few minutes at the Israeli Memorial Site for recent victims of Palestinian violence and terrorism. I think that reading about the victims and the attacks helps put what some are calling a great and courageous struggle into perspective.


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