The View From Abroad

I’m going on a vacation to Europe soon (Italy and Greece).

I’m a bit curious about what people on the street there think about the United States, and what they think about Donald Trump.

I’ve been to Mexico since Trump has become president, and it was very predictable what they would think about him.  There were some great t-shirts available.

But, I’d like to know if Europeans think as poorly of him as I do, and if they also think very poorly of the country as a whole.

My guess is that there will be a range of opinions. And, feelings about the country could be very different from feelings about its president.  But, some of those views might be clearly dominant.

We’ll see (maybe).

2 thoughts on “The View From Abroad

  1. What were their views? I know here in Canada it seems people differentiate between the people of America and the president there quite easily, but we also share the same news sources, TV shows and sense of humor, so I don’t think it is much difference in the general culture and attitudes. But I would be interested in hearing what Europeans think.


    • I didn’t actually end up talking much to locals about politics and didn’t see much evidence of what they thought one way or another.

      I think it was similar to the way you describe Canada. They seem to like the American people (or at least they were savvy enough to be pleasant to tourists). And, I didn’t see much overt evidence of hostility to America in general. I did hear some Americans from the ship making a lot of comments (in both directions), but that’s not what we’re talking about.



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