The System of Liberty

Since I haven’t written any posts here for a while, I figured I might just pass along what I’ve been reading lately.

The most recent book I’ve been reading is The System of Liberty, by George H. Smith.

I’d read Smith’s Atheism – The Case Against God in the 80’s (I believe), before I knew he had anything to do with libertarianism. I’ve since seen a few of his lectures (both in person, and in online videos) and have enjoyed his columns in various places including

I’m not really much for reading history, but I am interested in the ideas of classical liberalism (libertarianism), so the history of those ideas does hold my interest, and this book is a great presentation of that history (some of which I was already pretty familiar with, but much of which I was not).

It’s very well written, and researched, and should be read by anyone who wants to understand what libertarianism is all about, where many of the ideas came from, and what the major debates have been.


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