Who Will Teach The Teachers?

This video put out by the California Federation of Teachers (narrated by Ed Asner) is amazing in its spectacular stupidity and noxious contempt for the  economically successful as well as the intelligence of its viewers.

Here’s a rebuttal video that addresses just a few of the problems, but it hardly  seems necessary to anyone with even a passing familiarity with how the world works.

I’m not completely sure how much of this the creators believe and how much is an attempt to manipulate idiotic viewers into supporting tax increases on the rich and blaming them, rather than excessive and ineffectual government pending, for our economic troubles. I’m also not sure whether assuming it was the former vs. the latter would be more charitable. In either case it’s contemptible.

As I commented to the facebook post that brought this to my attention, I don’t think this is anti-Semitism (although there’s always this), but the nature of the argument (with its misinformation and emotional appeals to outgroup animosity) makes me think that this is what anti-Semitic propaganda would  look like.

I wonder how many of the union’s members are proud of this production, and I pity the students forced to endure them.


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