Shipping Jobs Overseas

Why is “Shipping jobs overseas” such a damning indictment? It’s one
that’s already been thrown around a lot in this campaign, and I fear
we’ll be hearing it again and again.

If more can be produced using fewer resources, even if it involves
eliminating some jobs that were formerly needed, by improving
automation, say, most people agree that the economic situation has
improved. It means that more wealth can be produced, and that inevitably leads to more economic activity, which will lead to new and better employment opportunities. Similar efficiencies can sometimes be gained by “outsourcing” work to places where labor is cheaper.

Why is it better to “ship jobs” to Automationland than
it is to another real country, benefiting other real people?

I think people who decry “Shipping jobs overseas” are appealing to
people’s primitive tribal instincts that reflexively fear outsiders and
misinterpret their gains from trade as our losses.

It’s pretty despicable.


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