The 2010 Midterm Election Results

I don’t have anything unique to write about the recent election results, but I thought I should write something. If for no other reason than to record my current thoughts and see how wrong they are/were.

Mostly, I’m happy about the new gridlock we’re likely to experience. I suspect that the worst of the socially-conservative legislation that some Republicans might like will be blocked by Democrats and the president, and that the worst of the economically damaging ideas that the president and the Democrats have will be blocked by the House Republicans (and the larger Senate minority that doesn’t depend on Collins and Snowe to threaten a filibuster). Hopefully we won’t see much legislation pass that’s both stupid and evil.

I am heartened that there will be more congressmen who are more sympathetic to my views (although they aren’t coming from my state; so much for representation). And, I’m happy that many more people are willing to speak of libertarianism without pretending that it’s something insanely unrealistic. But, I’m not naïve enough to believe that there’s been a radical transformation in America, or that most of the new politicians will withstand the temptations of power to sacrifice their stated principles quickly. However, I’m glad that the damage may be slowed down, and perhaps some of it will be reversed. The Tea Party Movement has had a big influence on this election and it’s been
impressive how they’ve been able to maintain discipline and keep their focus on economic issues, but I also understand that many of the Republican votes came from independents who were frustrated about the economy and could easily swing back if the economy improves and the Democratic promises seem more attractive.

So, I guess I’m cautiously optimistic, but extremely skeptical.

Just like always.


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