The World’s Smallest Violin

Schadenfreude isn’t pretty. But, it’s difficult for me to work up much sympathy for Senator Arlen Specter, who was a deciding vote for the disastrous stimulus bill, switched from the Republican to the Democratic party based on his better chance to win re-election in Pennsylvania as a Democrat, and now feels betrayed by what he, probably truthfully, claims was a broken promise by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid that he would be able to keep his seniority after the next election (something crucial for his campaign prospects).

Many politicians are lying scumbags who remain in office long after they even remember what principles they originally claimed to have had. Specter is a prime example of this, and it is only fitting that he feels treated as badly by another lying scumbag as he did the rest of us.

Now that he’s been mistreated by the Democrats, I wonder how he’ll figure out whom to betray with the rest of the votes in his short career as a junior Democratic senator.


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