Filibuster, Baby, Filibuster!

So, it looks like Saxby Chambliss has won the runoff Senate race in Georgia, preventing the Democrats from having a filibuster-proof 60-member majority. And the Minnesota recount seems to be leaning away from Al Franken, so they will probably “only” have 58 seats.

Of course, I consider this a good thing.

I think it’s dangerous to have either party controlling both the Executive and Legislative branches, so I’m happy to have a hope that the worst of the possible new policies could be obstructed by the opposition.

Even if all of the Republicans can’t stick together, I doubt the Democrats will be able to coordinate all of their factions to block most serious filibuster attempts.

So, maybe the power of arithmetic will force enough moderation (from Obama and the senate majority) to save us from severe damage that might be difficult to undo.


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