Run Hillary Run

I don’t like Hillary Clinton very much. But, I’m happy that she won the Pennsylvania primary by a large enough margin to keep her in the race for the Democratic presidential nomination, and to attract more donations (she raised $10M in 24-hours after the primary was called for her).

There’s a lot that I don’t like about John McCain, as well. His militarism is worrying. He shares the Democrats’ romantic vision of government. He’s all too willing to trample on individual liberty when he thinks it will enhance respect for public institutions, or would just be for our own good.

But, it seems that we’ll be better off with him in the White House than either Obama or Clinton. He’s much better on limiting spending and burdensome regulations, and supporting free trade. He’s likely to nominate better judges (including possibly two to the Supreme Court).

But, most of all, with the near certainty of Democratic control of congress, I’m hopeful that having an opposing-party president will give us the gridlock we need to prevent either branch from imposing too much damage on us.

So, I’m glad to see Clinton stay in the race, draining resources that might otherwise be used to win the general election, exposing weaknesses of both Obama and Clinton, and sowing the seeds of resentment when one of them loses the nomination.

There’s no great, feasible, result in this election. But, the longer the Democrats are fighting each other, prospects improve for the feasible result that’s least bad.


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