The Good, The Bad, and the Perfect

I keep seeing people who are generally libertarian write about how crazy it would be to vote for Ron Paul for president, and cite reasons like his votes against “free” trade agreements. They understand that he supports free trade and has principled reasons for opposing these agreements, but they say that he should recognize that the agreements are better than the status quo, and that he’s a fool for letting the perfect become the enemy of the good.

I just find it interesting that these people seem to be making exactly that sort of error by favoring candidates who are much worse for liberty, because Ron Paul isn’t perfect.

He sometimes makes me cringe when he talks about immigration, or the gold standard, or some other issues. But Ron Paul is so much better in terms of libertarian principles than any other candidate that he’s obviously the best choice for someone who would like to use his vote to express support for those principles.

So, should we let the perfect become the enemy of the good, or not?


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