Gender Differences

I’ve never found feminism to be very convincing at explaining the world, as I observed it.

So, I was pleased to come across this speech transcript (by Roy F. Baumeister) that seems to give very sensible and enlightening explanations for some of the differences we find between men and women.

The thesis is that these differences arise from dispositions that have evolved from the different roles the genders have played throughout human history. Successful (at propagating) women were more disposed towards maintaining intimate relationships with individuals, and successful men were more disposed towards thriving in more shallow relationships with larger groups. Women performed the vital role of raising children, and men were engaged in developing cultural institutions. These cultural institutions have become more important in modern times (and the source of much wealth, power, and knowledge), and men’s dominance in them explains the inequality that feminists abhor (and explain with silly conspiracy theories). Also, successful women were more conservative, while successful men were more likely to be risk-takers.

I’m probably not doing it justice, so go read it yourself!

HT: Richard Chappell


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