Independence Day

Will Wilkinson has chosen to today to “Cast aspersion on unthinking patriotism.”

Unthinking patriotism is, indeed, a bad thing. But, I think many celebrate the great principles that America was founded upon, some of which were expressed in the Declaration of Independence, rather than a blind allegiance to this government, or this place.

As Will writes:

Indepedence Day ought not be a celebration of this place, America, its imaginary history, and the imaginary solidarity of its people. It ought to be a celebration of the universal ideal of a society in which all are equally without right to rule one another and equally invested with the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness — a celebration of the ideals of the Declaration.

So, let’s not celebrate tribalism.

Let’s celebrate the great political ideals that America represents. Ideals that form a necessary foundation for general human flourishing. Let’s honor those who have defended those ideals. And, let’s recognize that people everywhere should benefit from those ideals; no matter where they were born or where they live.


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