Now What?

Ok. So, now that the Democrats seem to have won thin majorities in both houses of congress, what will happen?

We’ve already had Rumsfeld resign (something I consider a loss, but I’m glad he’ll be spared the inevitable circus if he’d stayed).

I’m sure that congressional committees will waste a bunch of time trying to score political points by harassing Republicans. That’s not too bad.

It seems like a good situation for gridlock. Hopefully, Bush will veto (or threaten to veto) any outrageous new laws from Democrats, and Democrats will obstruct stupid laws from Republicans. Also, I’m hoping that Republicans, and Bush, will find it easier to oppose the kind of big spending that they have been engaged in, now that it will be Democrats proposing it.

It’s kind of fun to see incumbents having to worry about holding their seats; and also to see congressmen witness the failure of the spend-your-way-to-re-election tactic.

I guess the interesting questions revolve around whether the Republicans will move towards more pro-liberty policies, or away from them (which didn’t work for this election). I’m not holding my breath waiting for Democrats to improve much.

There are also the questions around the effects on national security. I suspect that not much will change. Perhaps getting out of Iraq will become a little more urgent than before, but nobody wants to be responsible for a disaster-laden premature evacuation. And, Iran and North Korea will be demanding more attention anyway.

All in all, I don’t expect any horrible effects in the short-term, and there may be some long-term benefits.

The problems will come if we get a Democrat president and a wider Democrat majority in congress in 2008. But, I’m confident that they’ll find ways to screw up their chances of that between now and then.


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