United 93

I went to see United 93 today with my son.

I thought that it was very well done. It avoided sensationalizing the events and characters, and presented a realistic account of ordinary people dealing with extraordinary events.

The film didn’t resort to cheap tricks to appeal to the emotions of the audience. If you were moved, as I was, it’s because of the personality and ideas you brought with you to the theater.

I’m a bit surprised by how much fuss is being made over the film by those strongly for or against the Iraq war. I wouldn’t expect watching this film to change the mind, with respect to Iraq, of anybody who is aware of the uncontroversial facts of that day.

Perhaps the fact that some anti-war people think that reminding people of the events of that day will hurt support for their position says something about the quality of that position rather than anything about the movie.

I wouldn’t say anything like “All Americans Must See United 93,” but I do think it’s good and important work; and it wouldn’t be a waste of an interested person’s time.

UPDATE: One more good reason to go see the movie is to express your profound disagreement with this guy.


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