Ann Althouse Supports the Torture of Children

Ok, not  exactly.

But she is supportive of a teacher who was disciplined (10-day pay loss), for denying a student’s request to use the bathroom. The student suggested he’d use a wastebasket in a closet, then. She said “Go ahead” (not thinking he’d really go through with it).


He did. 🙂

Listen, I’m sympathetic to the difficulty teachers can have maintaining the attention of a roomful of involuntary captives. I say: “Too bad!” It’s not an excuse to treat them worse than prisoners of war.

If you don’t like the job, get a better one.

Althouse says the teacher just made a “judgement call” that the kid didn’t really need to go. She is, as all teachers are, completely incompetent to make such judgements for other people. I think it’s a horrible abuse of power.

Perhaps, it was a common abuse of power when many of us were students.

But, it’s abusive all the same.

2 thoughts on “Ann Althouse Supports the Torture of Children

  1. Yes, Ron. And it’s an important point to help understand the moral nature of the situation.

    Most kids never consented to schools or their rules, and never commited offenses that might justify the abrogation of their rights.

    Unfortunately, most adults don’t seem to care.

    Oh, and thanks to Carlotta for the link.



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