I Had A Feeling

The Super Bowl will be interesting for me this year.

I live in the Seattle area, and I’m a long-time Pittsburgh Steelers fan; so, this year’s Super Bowl between the Seattle Seahawks and the Steelers should be fun.

I admit that I haven’t been following the game very well for the last few years (although I have been watching some Steelers highlights on Comcast On-Demand lately). But, I did watch both conference championship games today.

The Seahawks seem to have a pretty solid team, but I didn’t see anything offensively or defensively today from the Seahawks that will match up well against the Steelers.

So, I not only want the Steelers to win..but I think that they will, too.

I’ve never been inclined to root for the home team. I’m sure it’s partially because my dad liked non-home-teams; but, I also was averse to conforming to the crowds who blindly rooted for the local teams. It made sense to me to choose the team I preferred.

It still does.

I liked the Steelers of the ’70s (Bradshaw, Swann, Harris, Lambert, etc.), and I like today’s Steelers (Roethlisberger, Polamalu, Ward, Bettis, etc.).

Why should I root for a team that appeals to me less just because they happen to play closer to where I live?


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