Katrina Response

I realize that just about everybody sees the response to Katrina as a confirmation of the prejudices that they already had, but I find it hard to disagree with David Boaz in this article.

Before and after Hurricane Katrina, businesses and charities responded effectively. Government failed at even its most basic task of protecting lives and property from criminals. When massive and bloated governments at all levels disappoint, the solution is not to give them more money. Rather, the solution lies in a government limited in scope and ambition, and focused on its essential functions.

And here are some Cato recommendations to offset the first $62 billion spent. Any guesses on how much of this, or any wasteful spending, will actually be cut?


No, Bush is “generously” committing hundreds of billions more of other people’s money. I’m sure he thinks it’s a small price to pay for some job approval points.

And, now NASA is going to spend $100 billion (at least) to go back to the moon. Great!

The federal government is out of control. The national debt is now nearly $8 trillion, and yet they keep piling on more. Most Republicans exhibit no more fiscal restraint than Democrats (which is to say: none).

The only positive development I’ve seen from this administration is the Roberts nomination. Hopefully, that will go through smoothly and the next one will be as inspired and successful.

And then, if Stevens and Ginsburg could retire soon…

Well, a guy can dream, can’t he?


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