Near Hit

I almost got into a traffic accident on the way to work yesterday.

It was raining, and I was almost there, and cars ahead of me came to a stop for some reason (not at the intersection). It took me a while to realize that the car in front me was completely stopped and I wouldn’t be able to stop in time if I tried to do it gradually, so I pressed harder on the brake and went into a skid.

I really really really didn’t want to hit the other car, but at that point it was out of my hands and up to physics. I was just a passenger. What probably took 1 second seemed much longer.

Fortunately, my car stopped just inches short of contact, and (fortunately as well) the car behind me was able to stop without hitting mine. No damage was done, except to my nerves. My heart was racing for a while.

I’m not sure why I’m blogging this, other than perhaps to remind people to maintain safe distances and speeds based on the conditions. I know I’m going to be more conscious of it for a while, at least, and perhaps others can benefit from my event, rather than have worse ones of their own.


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