Goodbye Verizon

I have canceled my Verizon DSL service.

The details aren’t that interesting, but the bottom line is that on Friday I lost service and Verizon was unable to help me get service back until, perhaps, the following Wednesday (because of the July 4th holiday). There were many frustrating aspects to this issue that I think border on fraudulent practices, and I recommend that anyone considering purchasing Verizon DSL service to seriously pursue other options if they are available.

The good news is that there is competition in the broadband area, and by Saturday I was up and running with a Comcast cable modem (and I switched my home network to wireless at the same time).

I think I’m going to dump my land-line soon and switch over to an Internet phone service like Vonage. It’ll be cheaper, and Verizon will be getting none of my business!

If you’re considering switching to Comcast for their High-Speed Internet, or Vonage for their phone service, let me know; they have referral programs whose benefits we can share.


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