National Sales Tax

I think that 23% is too high, but I’m happy to see proposals for replacing the current federal income tax (and others) being considered (as in this George Will column).

As I indicated in the fascinating comments to this post, I think that such a replacement would be a step in the right direction.

I think it would be great to eliminate the need for the government to know all of the intimate details of our earnings and expenses; or to have an excuse to intimidate and harass us about them. It will also be much better to avoid all of the inefficient resource allocation (both individual and corporate) going on now to reduce tax burdens rather than to improve productivity. Additionally, it will be great to stop congress from being able to engage in all of their current tax code manipulation mischief.

The Left should be pleased that the rich would continue to bear the major portion of the burden, but I suspect that they won’t see it as sufficient punishment for the sin of financial success.


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