Bork is a Dork

I completely agree with Don Boudreaux’s reaction to an anecdote about Robert Bork.

Bork so hates modern American pop culture that he’s ambivalent about the fall of the Berlin Wall. The reason is that its destruction permitted blue jeans, rock music, and the rest of the panoply of American decadence to spill eastward into countries once protected from this scourge. Opines Bork: “You almost began to want to put the wall back up.”

Even allowing for rhetorical overstatement, what kind of person would harbor such a sentiment? I emphatically do not share in Bork’s assessment of modern American pop culture as uniformly degenerate and debauched, but even if I did agree with Bork on this matter, I can’t imagine being anything but overjoyed at the fact that the Iron Curtain is in shreds.

What kind of person entertains the possibility that access to Sunday shopping, rap music, sit-coms, and even pornography might be worse than institutionalized murder, torture, mind-control, and impoverishment?


The Democrats’ single greatest contribution to America during the 1980s was to keep Bork off of the U.S. Supreme Court.

I suspect that Bork wasn’t completely serious. But, you have to have a severe moral handicap to think that whatever problems there are with our popular culture compare at all to the oppression that existed in East Germany.

Remember, also, that Bork sold his support to Microsoft’s competitors in their anti-trust attacks on the company.

He may be a darling of the right-wing, but he’s no friend of mine.


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