Disaster Relief

There isn’t much to say about the tsunami disaster other than to note how sad it is for so many people, and what a good time it would be to contribute
to help (I did).

I suppose one other thing to note is how great the online response has been, both in terms of useful information and generosity. As Glenn Reynolds writes (after noting that the US is sending shiploads of help, in addition to money):

But nonetheless, a lot of human capital has been brought to bear on this problem in very short order, through voluntary cooperation. Get used to it: Navies have been around for a long time, but this is the wave of the future.

UPDATE: As of 12/29 at 8:40 AM PST, Amazon.com has already collected over $1.6 million for the Red Cross relief effort. How cool is that?

UPDATE 2: I hope people remember this tragic event when they encounter those who worship the “natural” and condemn the “artificial”. The natural isn’t necessarily good for people; it’s often deadly. Artificially manipulating our environment to enhance our lives is what we should be doing. Irrational reverence for nature and obstruction of human solutions is not just silly, it’s mmoral.


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