That’s the answer to the question of life, the universe, the Washington State gubernatorial election recount margin, and everything.

Wow! 42 out of 2.8 million.

Rossi (the Republican) has now won twice (first by 261, and then by 42 after a machine recount and some legal battles going against him).

Now it seems the the Democrat candidate, Christine Gregoire, will demand a hand recount in particular counties, and if that changes the outcome then a statewide hand recount will have to be ordered, costing the state about $700,000.

I think she should concede rather than drag this on and impose additional costs on the people, and the process. But, it’s clear that she puts her own ambition above the interests of the people of the state.

What a horrible start to a term it would be if she gets this overturned!

It makes me wonder if having our votes actually, or even almost actually, count (meaning be decisive) is something we should even want let alone expect.


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