Minimum Wage Laws

Somebody mentioned to me today that there is a Dutch phrase for the concept of a mnemonic that translates to “Bridge of Asses” (Pons Asinorum). I thought that was interesting but that I recalled that this phrase meant something else: a concept that separates those who have the potential to understand a topic from those who don’t.

A quick Google search confirmed my understanding of it. Apparently it was first used to describe Euclid’s Fifth Proposition (that base angles of an isosceles triangle are equal) because it is the first serious proof and those who don’t get it will probably not be able to grasp the theoretical ideas behind geometry.

While searching, I also came across this great article by Llewellyn Rockwell about minimum wage laws. Everyone should read it.

I think that people who continue to support minimum wage laws either know they’re doing something bad, or they are the sort of person who will probably never grasp the ideas of economic liberty.


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