Team America: Fuck Yeah!

I went to see the movie Team America: World Police today. I liked it a lot. I don’t usually laugh out loud at movies, but I think I laughed out loud at least twice today.

It’s not for everybody (lots of vulgar language, sex, vomitting, etc. but remember it’s all done with marionettes), but if you like South Park then I’m pretty sure you’ll enjoy this movie. It has fun with lots of bad action-movie cliches, and it has some funny songs (stay until the end of the credits for an extra one). If you don’t like South Park (after having given it a fair chance), then I feel sorry for you. I admit that I don’t appreciate the extended vomitting (I didn’t appreciate it in Monty Python’s The Meaning Of Life either), but there’s plenty of other stuff in the film that made it a lot of fun.

As for the political content, it tried to appear critical of all sides. Perhaps it’s my own bias, but I really think that it was harsher on the liberals (the “pussies”) who want to deal with terrorists (the “assholes”) by talking to them, than it was on the more agressive people (the “dicks”) who prefer to use force.

The “dicks” might often be stupid and reckless, but the policies of the “pussies” lead to greater disasters.

UPDATE: In the comments, Elliot links to this great interview with the creators, Trey Parker and Matt Stone, where they lay things out explicitly.


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