Social Security Itself is “A Rip Off”

This really irritates me:

Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry on Wednesday called President Bush’s proposal to partially privatize Social Security “a rip-off” that would create a windfall for financial and investment companies but end up cutting benefits for senior citizens.

“The truth is, the only people who benefit from George Bush’s Social Security scheme are the special interests,” Kerry said in remarks prepared for a town-hall meeting in West Palm Beach, Fla., a battleground state rich in people keenly interested in the two pillars of retirement, Social Security and Medicare.

This bothers me so much because Social Security is a real problem that will affect a lot of people’s lives to a large extent. It deserves a real solution, rather than to be used as a political football. What Kerry is doing is the worst sort of politics.

There are a lot of variables that will affect the timing of its failure, but Social Security is a major fraud and will not survive indefinitely in its present form. It should be privatized in a way that will protect people who have been forced into dependency on it to a great extent. Reform will involve pain no matter what, and delaying the reform will only increase the pain. So, the sooner we begin the better.

Kerry either knows all of this, or he should know it. Either way, his position sucks.

For information about the kind of Social Security reform that I support, see this site.


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