Kerry Is No Civil Libertarian

I hear many people supporting Kerry over Bush because of their concerns about civil liberties. They think that the Patriot act, and John Ashcroft, are threatening our civil rights under cover of the War On Terror.

Those who think that the situation would be better in a Kerry administration should take a look at an article up at Reason Online.

It seems as though Senator Kerry has often been on the wrong side of civil liberties issues.

Kerry opposed private encryption without mandatory government backdoors, demonstrating his denial of Americans’ right to a private conversation. Ironically, Senator John Ashcroft was on the right side of that issue.

Kerry not only supported, but advocated expanding, asset forfeiture; which allows the government to seize property of innocent people just because someone else might have used it in a crime.

Kerry was a strong supporter of laws like “Know Your Customer” which would have forced banks to spy and report on their customers’ transactions. He also was proud of his own contribution to the Patriot Act which purports to fight money laundering by requiring not only banks, but also real estate brokers, travel agents, auto dealers and others to file “suspicious activity reports” against their customers.

If protecting civil liberties is your concern, John Kerry does not appear to be a solution.


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