Reagan’s Intelligence

Since we’re nearing the end of the official day to remember Ronald Reagan, I thought I’d add one more point that lots of people still seem to have missed.

Many people think that Reagan was successful because he used his acting skills to ingratiate himself with the American people, but he was really just a stupid man (an “amiable dunce”) mouthing other people’s words and ideas.

Those people are wrong.

If you doubt me, please read this Reason Magazine interview of Reagan from 1975. I still recall reading it at the library in 1980, and being surprised myself at how thoughtful Reagan was.

You should also read the Reagan speeches from here (scroll down), articularly this famous speech from 1964 which he wrote and delivered for Barry Goldwater’s failed campaign.

And, if this isn’t enough, you could check out the book described and reviewed here.

Ronald Reagan was a genuine intellectual. Most of the people who don’t know that by now are the people who don’t want to.

I’ve missed his messages for a while now. I’m glad we still have his words from the past, and the improvements in the world he left behind.


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