The Skeptical Environmentalist

My recent post about the environment got me to go back and review The Skeptical Environmentalist by Bjørn Lomborg. Lomborg has generously made the entire first chapter available in PDF format. If you read it, I’m sure you’ll
understand why I like this book so much.

Lomborg is scrupulously reasonable!

He is not anti-environment. He is, as most of us are, strongly in favor of having a healthy environment that can support our needs for the foreseeable future. But he’s not only interested in joining the choir and bonding with others based on alarmist zeal.

He’s interested in the truth.

He wants to know what the facts that have been reported actually mean, and which issues warrant what uses of our limited wealth to address.

It seems to me that this is the approach that everybody who genuinely cares about the environment should take; but it seems to only enrage most who claim to care.


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