Daniel Dennett

There’s an interesting article in the Guardian about Daniel Dennett. It seems to be in the book review section, but doesn’t really review any book. It’s more of a mini-biography.

It does note that he’s working on a new book called Breaking The Spell that “Will attempt to extirpate supernaturalism.”

I wish him luck.

I think supernaturalism does a lot of harm. But, it seems to present most people with the most convenient remedy for various psychological/emotional/philosophical problems that they face. I think it will take some work before our culture evolves enough to make natural, true, explanations more popular than supernatural ones.

I like Dennett very much. His writing is a joy to read. I really enjoy books by brilliant people who write and explain things well. I read The Mind’s I years ago, Freedom Evolves recently, and have Consciousness Explained on my bookshelf, thus far unopened (I should do something about that).


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