Winning The War

Steven Den Beste has another interesting post today. The part that caught my attention was this:

The war we’re in has already included two major battles, and will involve ongoing military operations of various kinds and intensities for a long time. But we won’t win with guns and tanks and bombs. It won’t be won with big events, things that make headlines.

The real struggle, the one which will win the war, is not like that. The critical battle in the war is being fought in a billion locations: the minds of a billion Muslims. Each such battle is separate, and we’ll win some of them and lose some of them. If we win enough of them, we’ll win the war, but it isn’t possible to describe how many is “enough”.

I think he’s right.

It’s not enough, or even possible, to continue to try to snuff out every threat that arises. If they continue to multiply then the process will be futile. For us to be relatively secure from these threats, people everywhere must understand that there are better ways to live, and leave terrorists no place where they can be confident of local support.


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