George Soros is a Fool

George Soros is clearly not a stupid man. He has understood financial markets well enough to have made billions in them. But, he seems to be way out of his depth when it comes to thinking generally about politics and economics.

I realized this years ago when I read this article. It’s particularly disappointing that he drags Karl Popper’s name and ideas into his confused musings, and he even named his organization the Open Society Institute, referencing Popper’s The Open Society and Its Enemies.

And, now Soros is spending millions on defeating George W. Bush in 2004 and making it “The central focus of my life.”

It’s kind of sad. If Soros wants to get really serious about putting his money where his mouth is, I think he could squander his fortune much more efficiently by giving billions to the United Nations.

Just ask Ted Turner.

Update: I almost forgot this recent appearance before the Jewish Funders Network conference at which Soros basically blamed the recent rise of anti-Semitism on the policies of the Bush and Sharon administrations, and on the Jews themselves.

Another Update: David Carr at Samizdata cracked me up today:

Of course, Mr Soros is free to do what he pleases with his own money but is this plutocratic takeover of the American left really all about George Bush? Or are there more lavish plans afoot? Mr. Soros has mind-boggling amounts of money, an army of political footsoldiers at his disposal and a ‘doctrine’. All he needs to complete the picture is a
monocle and a persian cat.


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