It’s September 11th and I’m proud of America and her friends.

I’m proud of the way we (well, most of us) have reacted to that tragedy two years ago. Planes crashed, people died, towers fell; and a people rose up. We have recognized the threat and the nature of the task of defeating it. We understand what’s at stake, and we are determined to preserve it.

Our all-volunteer military has performed superbly, both as warriors and as liberators. Our intelligence and law enforcement agencies have succeeded in improving our security and, thusfar, preventing any further terrorist attacks on american soil; all without significant loss of civil liberties. We have been generous to the families of the victims, and have restrained backlash against innocent Muslims here.

The war is not over, but it’s going well so far.

We should remember the casualties, but remember that we’re fighting for our values; values that are about the celebration of life and human progress.

Happy Anniversary


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