We just got the Fourth Season DVD set of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and we’re loving it. Excellent quality and some cool special features.

I was a latecomer to Buffy. I saw the movie a long time ago and didn’t like it that much. And, I’m not usually big on fantasy stories that center on magic and demons, etc.. But, lately, I’ve been watching old epsodes (captured by Tivo) with my son and having a blast. The writing is excellent. The dialog is great, the action is fun, the characters are interesting, and the stories often involve interesting and important ideas.

So, if you aren’t already into Buffy, you might want to check it out. And if you are, but don’t have the DVDs, I can at least recommend the Fourth Season set. The descriptions of the earlier seasons’ sets didn’t strike me as being quite as compelling (hard to say why), but they might be worthwhile also.


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