“Weird Al” Rules!

As unreasonable as it may seem, my family flew to Las Vegas this past weekend so that we could see Weird Al Yankovic in concert.

But, we all agree that it was well worth it!

Al has just started his Poodle Hat Tour, and tickets went on sale before any concert dates were announced in our area, so we decided to make an extravagant weekend of it. It was awesome.

If you appreciate Al, and you can get to one of these concerts, then you should definitely go. Al and his band are incredibly versatile and talented and still put on a great show after all these years. I highly recommend becoming familiar with the songs on the Poodle Hat album before going, because he performs many of the tracks in concert (some completely, and some shortened in a fantastic medley). He also performs many other songs including several from Running With Scissors, as well as a great selection of older classics.


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