This Is It

Anybody who has been following the news lately is aware that there was a major event last week. I’m sure you’ve all been wondering how I’ve managed to avoid writing about it. Well, I’m finally going to address this momentous event.

Of course, I’m talking about Poodle Hat.

Poodle Hat is “Weird Al” Yankovic‘s latest album. It has been nearly four years since his prior album, Running With Scissors was released.

I’ve been enjoying Al’s brilliance ever since he first appeared on the Dr. Demento radio show in 1980. Many have tried to imitate him, but none have come close.

I liked all of the songs on Poodle Hat. The only one that I don’t really have to hear anymore is “Bob”, a song in the incomprehensible Dylan style consisting entirely of palindromes.

One bit of controversy…Eminem refused to give Al permission to do a video of “Couch Potato” (Al’s parody of Eminem’s “Lose Yourself”); proving that Eminem is more cowardly than Michael Jackson, who gave Al permission to do two of his most memorable videos, “Eat It” and “Fat”.

If you don’t appreciate Weird Al, there’s something wrong with you and you should have it checked out.

So, go out and buy the album. Don’t download tracks off the Internet, though. That would be wrong.


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