I’ve Been Outed

I created this blog a few days ago without being sure whether or not I wanted to announce its existence to anybody; I wasn’t sure I’d post enough quantity or quality to make it interesting to others, and I hadn’t settled on the look I wanted, either. I also thought I’d keep it anonymous, at least initially; I thought I’d at least try to maintain the privacy of myself and people I might write about. But those options are gone now. Somebody at The World (I’m guessing Sarah) has discovered this blog and identified me as the author in this post. I guess that she just assumed that because I put a page on the World Wide Web, I wanted other people to read it. Sheesh!

Damn You Sarah Fitz-Claridge!

Well, it’s probably for the best. Now, I’ll have to change the entry describing myself, and push myself to post more frequently.

But, if you don’t like anything you find here, then you should

Blame Sarah!


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