Michael Muqtada al-Moore?

Steven Den Beste has an interesting post comparing the influences of Muqtada al-Sadr, and Michael Moore.

One amusing speculation (which I’ve heard a few times recently) is this:

If one was particularly cynical, one might entertain the suspicion that Moore secretly hates the left, and is laughing twice as hard. Not only is he getting filthy rich off them, and laughing all the way to his bank, he’s also helping to engineer their marginalization, and laughing all the way to their political destruction.

I don’t think that Moore is that clever. But, if he were, that’s just the impression he’d want me to have of him…

Why Not Vote Libertarian?

Jacob Levy has posted on the Volokh Conspiracy about why he intends to vote for John Kerry, rather than following his former custom of voting Libertarian.

Levy is a sharp guy and I respect his opinions very much. I also agree with him about the shortcomings of Bush and the looniness of Badnarik (the Libertarian candidate).

However, I think he’s overreacting to his distate for Bush’s failings by imagining that a Kerry administration would do better on either domestic or foreign issues. I’m incredibly skeptical of that.

I also don’t accept his rationale for not voting Libertarian. As I’ve said before, we shouldn’t vote because we expect to decide the election. We should vote to express what we’re for. And, despite Badnarik’s confusion about the war (and many other things), I think that it’s generally the case that Levy would prefer that policies move more toward the libertarian position; and that’s what I think a Libertarian vote expresses more than anything else.

The Kantian position that he expresses about willing the universalization of his vote just doesn’t make sense to me. But, if he enjoys expressing that idea, then I suppose it makes sense for him to vote that way.

I’m still voting Libertarian.

Love Potion #9

If you bought a love potion to cure your problem of being “A flop with chicks”, would you expect it to make you more attractive to women, or would you expect it to make everything seem attractive to you? I would expect the former, but the “love potion” in the song did the latter (and had predictably bad results).

I know. I expect too much logical consistency from songs. But does this
make any sense?

I still think the song is nice to listen to.