I’m going on vacation for a week (Vegas, baby!), and I don’t know if I’ll get a chance to post anything while I’m gone.

So, don’t be surprised if there are even fewer posts than usual; but don’t stop visiting the site indefinitely, either.

Perhaps an interesting discussion will start up in one of the Comments sections.

The Final Frontier

I’m opposed to government space programs that are unrelated to defense, but I have to admit that these missions are pretty cool.

I think it’s wrong to fund these projects with tax revenue; but that doesn’t mean I have to ignore how great it is that we can do things like this.

Steyn on 2003/2004

Read Mark Steyn’s review of the year’s prospects.

On Gaddafi’s change of heart he writes:

Why exactly did Colonel Gaddafi, within a week of Saddam’s capture, throw open the gates of his WMD facilities to the Brits and Yanks? The Speccie’s esteemed editor, in his interview with Silvio Berlusconi, got the scoop last September, when the Italian Prime Minister reported a recent phone call with the Libyan leader: “I will do whatever the Americans want,” said the Colonel, “because I saw what happened in Iraq, and I was afraid.”

Or as I put it in The Jerusalem Post in early May: “You don’t invade Iraq in order to invade everywhere else, you invade Iraq so you don’t have to invade everywhere else.”